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Monday, March 8, 2010

Paperie Boutique & Color Inc.

I'm so excited to write about my win!!! :) I entered in to this contest at Paperie Boutique to win a 16 x 20 gallery wrap from Color Inc and guess what!?! I won! I haven't been on the computer all day today and my daughter was a little fussy so I decided to just watch Live from the red carpet... I was on my cell phone going to tweet about it and then I saw was reading along.. I was like what!!! I ran to the computer to look at it bigger because I thought I was imagining it! lol.. I guess you can say I'm pretty excited... It's not about what I won it's about the FACT that I won!! LOL.. Anyways, I couldn't contain my excitement!!! I had to blog about it of course! So what do I say to others? If you have a chance to enter in to a contest? Do it! you never know you could be the next lucky winner!! :) Good luck all!

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Toki Lee Kanitz said...

Wow, this is AWESOME! I just won 250 business cards from ColorInc and MCP Actions a few weeks ago and I was beyond excited!!!! It's fun to enter contests and you're right... you never know!!!! Congrats!!

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