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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Rose Songsong {Gaithersburg, Maryland} Children, Family, Engagements & Maternity Photographer {"F" Family Session and Product Photography}

Okay.. I've been out of it for a while.. so many things happening.. Holidays are just around the corner, I'm trying to finish up this Semester of class... ahhh.. Anyways, just wanted to share a session I did in the beginning of October.. I know it's been a while..

So it's starting to get pretty cold here already.. omg.. I'm so dreading the cold.. Yesterday we got into the car and the seats were ice cold.. ahhh.. I'm so not looking forward to Winter... Anyway, how are your days going?? I'm still going to be doing a couple of sessions in November.. After November 10 I won't be doing anymore sessions until January 2011.. So book while you still can! :) Check out my site or my facebook page to contact me! Have a great week!!


I also did product photography for Cupcake Creations .... So check her page out for more awesome little things!! :)