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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Capturing Life as it happens! Here and Now! #3

My baby playing with the huge Christmas light bulb we got as a prop.. :) This was the second picture shoot for Christmas pictures... Yes we are late on the pictures but I think as long as we took it.. I'm happy with that.. At least we captured it...

I'm going to post a couple of Christmas morning as well! She was just not interested in opening her gifts.. she kept crawling away from it.. That morning we woke up I picked her up out of her crib and brought her outside to open her gifts. I think I was much more excited than she Oh well.. She was so cute with her morning eyes and her bed head. I clipped her hair down because it was standing up everywhere.. So just wanted to share our second Christmas pictures and my baby girls first Christmas.

Come and join us.. :) More details found at Amy McMaster's Blog


Cheryle said...

beautiful pictures!

*Jessie* said...

those are so cute! i think my fave is of her on Christmas morning with the big

Anonymous said...

adorable baby girl! love u just me grandma :D

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